Waiting for Screenshot message on a thumbnail instead of a screenshot

If the “Waiting for screenshot” message appears on a student computer thumbnail in the teacher console instead of a screenshot:


most likely, the security permissions of the student module forbid access to desktop capture (and, possible, other) features.
In the student module settings, on Security tab, in Permissions section:


at least the “Control Desktop Objects” permission should be enabled. The default recommended set of permissions is listed above.

VERSIONS below 12

If direct connections are used in Net Control 2 Classroom versions 11 and earlier, please verify on the student computer, in the student module settings, on Connection Options tab, in Filtering section that either 1) “Not specified connections are allowed” option is enabled and your teacher computer is not blacklisted; or 2) “Not specified connections are allowed” option is disabled and your computer is whitelisted.

To change the student module settings, on the student computer right click Net Control 2 icon in the system tray (an area beside the system clock), then click Configure button.