The registration key does not work (“There is something wrong with your registration name or key” message)

If the software does not accept your registration information, please verify the following points:

  1. Please check that you are registering a correct version of the software. Registration keys of version 11 do not work in version 12 and vice versa. Your registration keys you can find in “My Licenses” section of your Customer Area account. The version number is displayed in the main Licensing Manager window, at the top-lefthand corner:

    License keys for the version 10 begins with “P”, “S”, “R” or “L” letters; for the version 11 – “Q”, “U” or “W” letters, and for the version 12 with “T”, “Y” or “Z”.
  2. If the version is correct, please ensure that you have installed a correct edition of the software that correspons to your license.
  3. Entering your registration information, please specify it exactly as provided in the license. The registration key depends on the registration name, the registration name may include additional notes (suffixes) like [UPGR], [TRIAL] etc., please do not omit them.

If you still have any issues with registration please do not hesitate to contact us.