List of default hot keys of the teacher consoleMain window:

Main window:

F2 – Open Command Console
F4 – Execute a last macro command
F5 – Refresh connections of the current group
Ctrl + Alt + F9 – Stop running Broadcast Desktop sessions.
Ctrl + Alt + F11 – Close Broadcast Desktop Viewer on student computers
Ctrl + Alt + F12 – Send a screenshot to students. This is a global hot key, works in all user level applications. May be re-assigned in the teacher module Options.

Ctrl + A – Select all connections.
Delete – delete groups or connections.
Insert – add a new group or connection.
* – modify a connection.
Enter – enter the selected group (on the Groups tab) or execute a default double-click action on selected computers (the default action is the Control command, but may be re-assigned in the teacher module settings).

To create your own hot keys, please use the main menu command N -> Options -> Options; the Hot Keys page.