How to use Net Control 2 Classroom, SmallClass or PRO in Terminal Server environment (on Remote Desktop Server) over RDP connection.

All Net Control 2 editions support Microsoft Windows Terminal Server environment and may be installed and used on Remote Desktop Server or other compatible software solutions that use user session isolation on one physical Microsoft Windows Server computer. 

Installing and using Net Control 2 software in the terminal server environment please keep in mind the following important moments:

1. Only one teacher module may be used on one terminal server computer. Due to network ports are shared across all user sessions, another teacher module just will be unable to accept incoming connections. 

2. Each connected student session (for Net Control 2 SmallClass and Net Control 2 Classroom), or each student and teacher session (for Net Control 2 PRO) is considered as a separate “computer” and should be covered by your Net Control 2 license.

3. If teacher and student modules will be installed and used on the same physical computer/terminal server; in the teacher console you need to disable (reset) “Disable Loopback connections” option (the main menu command of the teacher module N – Options – Options; Advanced Options page):


Click OK to apply changes.

4. To install the software on the terminal server, just run the installation package on the terminal server computer, select teacher and/or student components for installation. On the “Select additional tasks” page of the setup process, please ensure that “Enable RDP connections support” option is enabled (it is always enabled by default):


5. If teacher and student (or Connection Server) components are installed on the same computer, when the setup program prompts to specify an IP address or DNS name of the teacher computer, you need to specify the name of this computer in the local network, its IP address or the loopback IP address (

6. Due to settings are stored in the local machine’s Registry section, all students share the same settings, Internet and application restrictions, other information that the student module keeps in the system registry. This can influence the behavior of certain tools or features.

7. If the teacher and student modules are installed on the same terminal server computer, the student module will be run in the teacher logon session also, so the teacher will be able to see in the teacher console his/her own screen as a “student”. In order to avoid running the student module in the teacher logon session, in the student module settings, on Advanced tab, enable 


“Terminal sessions: do not connect within teacher sessions” option.

8. The Console (“logon”) session usually always appears together with RDP sessions as a part of the terminal server environment. To exclude the console session from the connections list, in the student module settings, on Advanced tab, enable “Allow only RDP/hyper-V connections” option:  


Please note, after enabling this option, you will be able to change the student module settings within RDP sessions only, the student module will not be available in ordinary, non-RDP sessions.