Can Net Control 2 software be used for controlling remote computers over Internet?

Net Control 2 software is designed and intended for use in local networks.

If you still need to use it over Internet or remote locations, you need to build first a VPN (virtual private network) between your local and remote computers using native OS features, hardware features of your router (if it supports VPN server mode), or build a VPN network using third party services like LogMeIn Hamachi, Tunngle and others, which may be available on a paid basis.

When virtual network is built, you can use Net Control 2 products as if they were installed in your local network. Please note, the performance of features that require low latency (Broadcast Desktop, Speech) may be reduced in VPNs in comparison with local networks.

Net Control 2 software cannot be used for connecting remote computers over Internet directly without VPN connections.

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