How to remove NC2 Common Files folder from Desktop of client computers

NC2 Common Files folder is mapped to a virtual drive “NC2:” used in File Manager and several other tools. By default this folder is placed on Desktop and is available for all users.

Net Control 2 uses this folder for file operations and will restore it automatically at start-up if you try to delete it manually.

To hide this folder and remove it from Desktop you need to assign some other path to NC2 Common Files folder:

– select client computers in Net Control 2 Teacher Console;
– click the main menu command N -> Options -> Client Options;
– on Security tab of the appeared Net Control 2 Client Configuration window, in “On the specified folder only” field specify a path to some hidden and publicly available folder, for example:
– click OK.

This operation only re-assigns the folder to a new location but does not delete the previous folder (to prevent possible loss of information). If you need to delete the old folder with all its content from Desktop, you need to apply additionally the following command:
– select client computers;
– click menu command Commands -> File Operations -> Delete folder;
– specify the following path:
C:\Users\Public\Desktop\NC2 Common Files
(for Windows 7-10)
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\NC2 Common Files
(for Windows XP)
– click OK.