How to use “Find Teacher Computer” feature in Net Control 2 Classroom Mobile Client

Net Control 2 Classroom Mobile Client for iOS and Android version 11.2 introduced a new feature of searching and connecting a teacher from Mobile Client directly. The respective teacher module should have version 11.11.6260 or higher.

This article describes how to connect a teacher from Mobile Client using “Find Teacher Computer” feature.

1. In order to connect a teacher computer you need to know its Teacher Module Session ID, this ID is unique for each teacher session, i.e. after the teacher restarts the teacher console, the ID will be changed. Teachers can find their Session ID in the teacher console, on About tab, in the top-lefthand corner of About screen:


The Session ID works as security measure to prevent access of unauthorized students.

2. In Net Control 2 Classroom Mobile Client click Configure button at the bottom of the main window, the following screen should appear:


Click Find Teacher Computer button.

3. In the appeared window enter the Session ID (as BABAN436 on the screenshot 1) and click OK. Session ID is case-insensitive, you can specify as Baban436, for example:


If the Session ID was specified correctly, teachers and students are in the same network and VLAN, the student should appear in the teacher console in a couple of seconds.