Broadcast Desktop does not work (versions 10 – 22.1)


  • No image in Broadcast Desktop Viewer window on student computers;
  • The performance is very low (e.g. one screen update per 30 seconds). 

1. Enable the Direct Broadcast mode.

On the teacher computer:

  • click the main menu command N – Options – Options;
  • in the appeared window, on Control/Broadcast page, enable the Direct Broadcast mode and click OK:
  • image

You may also need to enable this option on student computers to enable broadcasting a student’s screen to others:

  • select student computers in the teacher console;
  • click the main menu command N – Options – Client Options;
  • on Control / Broadcast tab, enable the “Direct Broadcast” option and click OK:

2. Other performance adjustments.

The following options of the Broadcast Desktop subsystem may also help to increase the performance:
2.1. In the teacher module settings (N -Options – Options), on the Control / Broadcast page:
the “Quality/performance” section, move the “Broadcast Desktop” slider to the right side:


the “Lossless” mode should be turned OFF:


the “Reduce high resolution” option should be turned ON.

You may need to adjust the same options in the student module settings (N – Options – Client Options), on the Control/Broadcast tab.

2.2. Wireless adapters often use a special power-saving mode that allows sending information to a network with delays, in packets, which helps to optimize the power consumption by mobile devices and laptops, but, on the other hand, may significantly affect the performance of the network adapter and Broadcast Desktop features particularly. In order to achieve the better performance of the Broadcast Desktop tool with wireless adapters we recommend to adjust settings of the adapter to disable the power saving mode for the wireless adapter. These settings may vary depending on the Windows version, the adapter’s driver, manufacturer and so on, please refer to the documentation for the adapter.