Net Control ² Classroom: How to upgrade from Net Control 2 Classroom versions 10-12 to the version 20-23

To upgrade Net Control 2 Classroom from the version 10, 11 or 12 to the version 20, we recommend the following scheme:

  • in the teacher module of the previous Net Control 2 Classroom version, select student computers, open Client Options (N – Options- Client Options), on Connection Mode tab (if present), verify that “Incoming and User Connections” or “User connections” (“Incoming and Outgoing connections” or “Outgoing connections only” in the version 12) mode is selected, and your teacher computer is specified in “Specify IP address” field. 
  • in the teacher module of the previous Net Control 2 Classroom version, click the main menu command N – Help and Support – Update Client. Open the installation package of the version 20. Confirm the operation. In a few minutes the software should be updated on student computers. Verify that the version of the client is 20.x (right click a connection and use “User module information” command).
  • update the teacher module manually, using the setup program, over existing installation, removal of the previous version is not required.
  • run the new teacher module and activate it with your version 20 registration key. Student computers should appear in the teacher console in a few seconds.
  • Restart all computers to apply delayed changes.